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Access Control

Network Access Control can be briefly explained as a computer networking solution with the help of a set of protocols that defines and implements policy to secure access to network.

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System Under Attack


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How to Choose Your DRaaS Provider

What is DRaaS?

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In Search Of The Right Hybrid Cloud Provider

Hybrid Cloud Computing- Finding the Right Fit


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Cloud Terminologies

Get Cloud savvy right away, here is a compilation of the most commonly used Cloud Terminologies. According to the State of the Cloud Report, 93% of businesses are adopting some form of the Cloud, stay up to date with the most recent Terminologies . Subscribe to UnitedLayer Blog to get the latest industry trends on Hybrid Cloud Computing and managed services.

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Cloud Desktop Security Considerations

Cloud computing and the proliferation of mobile devices are creating new challenges for businesses every day. Though Cloud desktop security is significantly safer than the existing alternatives, there are still a number of considerations for businesses to familiarize themselves with before implementing this service. In this post we review several Cloud desktop security considerations and the benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service.

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DaaS vs VDI: Different Beasts but Not Mutually Exclusive

It would be pretty difficult these days to find a business that isn't using some sort of virtualization in their data centers; particularly servers, but increasingly networks and storage. Virtualization offers many advantages, including, reduction in capital expenditure on hardware by consolidating resources on fewer physical machines, increased manageability in a highly centralized environment, and streamlined operations through automated provisioning and management.

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Integrated Hybrid Cloud: On-Premise and Colocation Options

If your organization has delayed moving to the Cloud, possibly due to the existing legacy systems in place and the fear of replacing them -- or just fear of the unknown --  it’s time to put your fears aside. Let’s face it, the Cloud isn’t going anywhere, so if you haven’t already embraced it, now’s the time. According to the State of the Cloud Report, 93% of businesses are adopting some form of the Cloud; with 88% of enterprises using Public Cloud, 63% using Private Cloud, and 82% of enterprises stating that they have a Hybrid Cloud strategy.

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Data Center Investors and the Cloud Hosting Market

The Provider Forum on Financing & Investing in Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure (West)

Thursday, November 12th, 9:20 a.m.
Cloud Services Provider CEO Panel: How are You Competing with the Big Guys?

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New Approaches to Hybrid Cloud Security Challenges

These days, the benefits of leveraging public cloud resources are well known among most IT professionals - cost savings, centralized management of applications and infrastructure, and predictable subscription-based pricing being some of the top drivers. However, concerns about security and compliance are holding many organizations back. In fact, many government imposed regulatory compliance mandates prohibit companies from moving sensitive data to the public cloud, at all. To take advantage of the cloud, while keeping data secure and compliant, companies are increasingly looking into, and in some cases implementing, the hybrid cloud model; in which sensitive data remains on-premises, while other non-critical data can be pushed to the cloud.

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